About Richter

Richter Aleworks is a brewery in Peoria Arizona..

We all grew up with an image of what beer was, right? It was macho burly dudes watching football and drinking ice cold beer served by bikini clad babes with big, um, blonde hair. It was dads and grandpas and uncles sitting in lawn chairs and drinking from cans on a hot summer day. It was college roommates and frat boy friends doing keg stands while wearing togas.

In 2005, we took a trip across the pond. We spent time in London enjoying many different pints in many different pubs. It was there, in a pub near Paddington Station, that we realized we didn’t know shit about beer. Beer isn’t just a beverage. It’s a culture. At that point our interest in beer began. And after many travels and many different types of beers, that interest has developed into a passion. A passion we are compelled to share with others.

Our passion for sharing good beer with good friends fueled the idea for our own brewery. We want our beer to be an experience. An experience that will change your mind and challenge what you think you already know about beer. We want you to expect more from the beer you drink. We want to shake things up. Stir the pot. Get you out of your comfort zone. .

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