Life has been one heck of a roller coaster since we signed our lease. We thought once we resolved our name and location issues, it was going to be fairly smooth sailing. Everyone who has ever started a brewery is laughing hysterically at the previous sentence. One thing we have learned for certain, nothing will make you feel more stupid than starting your own business.


For the past several months we have had issues with the city, finding a contractor, finding equipment, staying on schedule and conserving funds. This has definitely been one of the most stressful times in our lives. And to be honest, we have considered throwing in the towel on several occasions.


But each time we get knocked on our ass, we get back up eventually. Call it perseverance, call it tenacity, call it stupidity. The point is, we are determined to finish what we started. And today we were reminded of what’s really important. Success or failure, rich or poor, brewery or no brewery, we are very lucky. We are healthy. We CAN get back up every time we get knocked down.


We have said this before, and we will say it forever: We are so proud, so honored and so humbled to be a part of Arizona’s craft beer community. These people rally around you, support you, make you laugh when you don’t feel like laughing, and give you the energy you need to keep going, That has never been more evident to us than today.


Our friend Theresa Sorrels, wife of Beer Research Institute co-owner Greg Sorrels,  is battling brain cancer. She recently had another surgery to remove part of the tumor in her brain and she is now undergoing extensive chemo treatments to rid what’s left of it.  This afternoon we were fortunate enough to attend a fundraiser for her at 8-Bit Aleworks. The tap room was packed full of beer lovers who came in to show support for Theresa and Greg, and to help raise money for Theresa’s treatments and medical bills. We left feeling energized from the love in that room.


Everything that we have been going through to get this business up and running is nothing compared to what Theresa has gone through in the past five years battling brain cancer. And if she can walk in that room today with her gorgeous smile and her infectious positive attitude, we can certainly be thankful for the progress we have made. We can be thankful this experience has taught us patience and perseverance. We can be thankful for the amazing group of friends we have made along the way. We can be thankful that we’ve been given this opportunity and that in a few months, the uphill climb to opening our doors will be behind us and we’ll be stressed out and worried about all new things.


Today taught us to take a few moments to just breathe. And that Beer People are the Best People.


Please join us in showing your support for Theresa Sorrels by clicking here.

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